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Pellet Grills by Green Mountain Grills

  In Grilling, Taste Rules…

The reason that pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions is that the food simply tastes better when cooked over real wood. Propane has absolutely no taste, and the process of making briquettes destroys the flavor molecules in the wood they are made from. Our pellets are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust, with the flavor molecules totally intact! And what could be easier than pushing a button – set it and forget it! Now you can “turn pro” in your own back yard.

Quality Kindling
Our dried firewood is palletized and slides under your carport or into your garage. You may also purchase bundles for camping trips or barbecues, along with kindling packages that include small cuts of wood for starting fires. Bundles are sold at wholesale rates to grocery stores and campgrounds. 


Enjoy our 1/2 cord pallets of firewood.  Greenhouse seasoned and kiln-dried products available.  Already stacked, we can deliver this pallet most anywhere - including into your garage!  Doesn't get easier than that!

Wholesale and retail bundled firewood is available for camping trips, fire pits, or that romantic weekend in front of the fire.

Custom Paint
Make your new wood pellet stove a part of your home, not just an appliance.  Pellets R US now offers custom painting. With more than 30 colors to choose from, your stove can suit your decor while our painting is custom created to match an even wider range of colors.  Our most recent service available is custom powdercoating.  Match ANY color with a glossy enamel-like finish for a true work of art.

Maintenance Plans

Extend the life of your new stove with an Annual Maintenance Package or Extended Service Plan.  Twice yearly cleanings reduce damaging buildup and allow for preventative care for your investment at discounted rates.  Our Extended Service Plan provides reduced and no-cost replacement of parts beyond the Manufacturer's Warranty!


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